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Beginner Krav Maga Brisbane: Your Journey to Self-Defence and Confidence

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Are you in search of beginner-friendly Krav Maga training in Brisbane? Look no further than Champions Krav Maga Academy, the premier Krav Maga school in Brisbane. Join us now to embark on your journey towards self-defence, confidence, and personal growth.

What is Beginner Krav Maga?

At Champions Krav Maga Academy, we offer Gendai-Ryu Krav Maga & Jiu-Jitsu classes that are designed to empower you. Our approach to Modern Krav Maga encompasses a comprehensive range of skills, including:

  • Self-Defence (Krav Maga): Learn the art of self-defence that Krav Maga is renowned for.

  • Striking (Boxing & Muay Thai): Develop striking techniques effective in real-world situations.

  • Clinch (Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo & Wrestling): Master clinch work, a crucial aspect of self-defence.

  • Jiu-Jitsu (Japanese/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Ninjitsu): Gain expertise in ground combat and grappling.

  • Weapons (Krav Maga, Ninjitsu, FMA): Learn how to defend against armed attackers.

We take pride in our commitment to continuously test, review, and update our curriculum to ensure that you receive the most current and effective self-defence training. Our Modern Krav Maga classes integrate these disciplines into a structured curriculum that is easy to learn, ensuring both beginners and advanced practitioners benefit.

Our Mission

Our mission at Champions Krav Maga Academy is to empower each individual to unleash the champion within themselves, both on the mats and in life.

Our Core Values

At Champions Krav Maga Academy, our core values shape every aspect of our training and community:

  • Service: Providing a realistic Modern Krav Maga curriculum engineered for real-world self-defence scenarios.

  • Results: Empowering individuals for transformation and personal growth within a results-driven community atmosphere.

  • Community: Cultivating a friendly, supportive, and welcoming atmosphere that celebrates individual milestones and collective success.

  • Safety: Ensuring a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment for skill development.

Benefits of Beginner Krav Maga in Brisbane

Joining Champions Krav Maga Academy in Brisbane offers numerous benefits:

  • Enhanced personal safety through practical self-defence skills.

  • Increased confidence in everyday life.

  • Improved physical fitness and mental resilience.

  • A supportive community of like-minded individuals.

Ready to begin your Krav Maga journey? Join Champions Krav Maga Academy and experience our "14 Day Adult Krav Maga Trial Experience." It's the first step towards unleashing your inner champion.

At Champions Krav Maga Academy, we are committed to empowering individuals in Brisbane through Krav Maga. Our mission and core values guide us in creating a safe, supportive, and empowering community. Join us on the path to self-defence, confidence, and personal growth. Start your journey with us today.

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