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The POWER of Habits: How Krav Maga and Self-Defence Can Shape Your Life

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

John Dryden famously said, “We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.” Confucius said, “Men’s natures are alike; it is their habits that separate them.” And Aristotle noticed that, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” It’s pretty clear that the habits you adopt will shape who you are.

What are your habits? Do you eat the same thing for lunch, go through the same exercise routine, and fall into bed at the same time each night? Or maybe you’ve made a habit out of eating something sweet before bed, avoiding the gym, and staying up as late as possible.

When it comes to your fitness, the two habits that define you are your eating and exercise habits. In fact, everyone you know who is in great shape has dialled in these two important habits.

If you aren’t happy with your body, then simply adjust your eating and exercise habits.

Here’s how to adopt a habit:

Decide on the ONE habit that you would like to develop.

It’s tempting to pick up 3 or 4 healthy habits, but choosing just one new habit is realistic and doable. Here are some healthy habit ideas:

  • Do not eat after 7 pm each night.

  • Bring your lunch to work instead of eating fast food.

  • Train Krav Maga a minimum of three days per week.

  • Only eat fruits and veggies as your afternoon snack.

  • Missed a training session? Get extra training on Saturday morning.

Write your new habit down on paper.

Also include your three main motivators for developing this new habit, the obstacles you’ll face, and your strategies for overcoming these obstacles. Here’s an example: My new habit is to attend a minimum of 3 Krav Maga classes each week. My three main motivators are:

  • To feel confident when walking around in public.

  • To have more energy.

  • To get physically stronger and tougher.

The obstacles I will face are:

  • Not having the energy to go to my session after work.

  • I’m too busy.

  • I’m not fit enough.

I will overcome these obstacles by:

  • Packing my training bag before work and getting more sleep every night, so I have more energy.

  • Organising my schedule to fit training in.

  • Training regularly to increase my fitness.

Commit fully to your new habit, in a public way.

This could simply be announcing it at the dinner table. You want to put yourself in a position where you’ll be held accountable for achieving your new habit.

Keep track of your progress.

You could keep a detailed journal or simply make a checkmark on each calendar day that you successfully exercise your new habit. Once your new habit becomes second nature, usually in about 30 days, feel free to add a second habit by going through the same steps.

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