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Adult Krav Maga Classes in Brisbane: Unlock Your Potential in Self Defence 

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Embark on an empowering journey at Champions Krav Maga Academy in Brisbane, where we specialise in adult Krav Maga classes. Our curriculum aims to equip you with invaluable self defence skills, perfectly blending traditional and modern martial arts techniques. 

In a world of increasing uncertainties, learning Krav Maga offers not just physical readiness but mental resilience. Our well-crafted curriculum is tailored to suit adults from all walks of life, whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner. Step onto the mat with confidence and start your Krav Maga journey with us today. 


Ready to unlock your potential in self-defence? Join Our Adult Krav Maga Classes Now and take the first step in becoming the best version of yourself. 

Start Your Journey with Our Beginners Krav Maga Class 

Are you new to Krav Maga or martial arts in general? Our Beginners Krav Maga Class is the ideal starting point. This class provides you with a foundational understanding of Krav Maga techniques and principles. You'll learn essential self defence moves, striking basics, and situational awareness skills in a supportive and welcoming environment. 

Progressing through our Beginners Class allows you to build the crucial skills required for more advanced training in Krav Maga and other martial arts. This stage is essential for instilling confidence and competence, making it easier to transition into our Fundamentals and Advanced Krav Maga classes. Your journey to learning real-world self defence starts here. 

Our Beginners Krav Maga Class is more than just an introduction; it's your first step in a transformative journey. Our expert instructors pay close attention to each student, ensuring that you grasp the basics effectively. By the end of this class, you'll not only be equipped with essential self defence skills but will also experience an improvement in physical fitness and mental resilience. It's a holistic training experience that prepares you for the challenges ahead, both in the academy and in real life. 

Learn More About Our Beginners Krav Maga Class here.

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Elevate Your Skills with Our Krav Maga Fundamentals Class 

If you've demonstrated the necessary technical skills and proficiency in our Beginners Krav Maga Class, advancing to our Krav Maga Fundamentals Class is your next milestone. This class dives deeper into the five pillars of our modern Krav Maga approach, including advanced striking techniques, clinch work, and basic weapon defences. You'll experience a well-rounded training program that addresses both physical and mental aspects of self defence.


The Fundamentals Class is designed to take your Krav Maga skills to the next level, equipping you with more advanced techniques for real-world application. The curriculum focuses on enhancing your situational awareness, reflexes, and decision-making skills under pressure. It's not just about fighting; it's about becoming confident and proficient in violence prevention and self defence in a variety of scenarios. 

Our Krav Maga Fundamentals Class takes you beyond the basics, solidifying your understanding of core Krav Maga techniques and principles. Under the guidance of expert Krav Maga instructors, this class enhances your foundational self defence skills and integrates them into a broader set of martial arts techniques. This comprehensive approach not only heightens your self defence skills but also contributes to your overall fitness and mental readiness. 

Discover More About Our Krav Maga Fundamentals Class here.

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Learn Real-World Self Defence with Our Advanced Krav Maga Class 

If you've excelled in our Fundamentals Krav Maga Class and have honed your technical skills to a high level, our Advanced Krav Maga Class is the next challenge waiting for you. This class delves into complex techniques, advanced weapon defenses, and tactical application of Krav Maga in real-world situations. It is tailored for those who seek to excel in self defence and combat scenarios. 

The Advanced Krav Maga Class is a culmination of rigorous training and practice. It sharpens your already strong skills and introduces you to the intricacies of high-level Krav Maga. This class is not just about technique; it aims to develop your mental fortitude, enabling you to make quick decisions under high-stress situations. Beyond physical prowess, it fosters a mindset prepared for any challenge that comes your way.


In this class, you'll also be exposed to simulated real-world scenarios that challenge you to apply your skills in unpredictable environments. These exercises are designed to test your decision-making, reflexes, and application of Krav Maga techniques in situations that closely mimic real-life threats. By pushing your limits in a controlled setting, the Advanced Krav Maga Class ensures that you are fully prepared for whatever challenges life may throw at you, further cementing your status as a well-rounded martial artist. 

Learn More About Our Advanced Krav Maga Class here. 

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Discover the Tailored SAFE Training Methodology for Adults at Champions Krav Maga Academy 


Welcome to Champions Krav Maga Academy, where our innovative SAFE (Self Defence, Awareness, Fitness, Empowerment) training methodology is uniquely designed for adults, focusing on social, predatory, and group violence. Our method offers comprehensive training in Modern Krav Maga and integrated Mixed Martial Arts. SAFE at our academy is a holistic system, preparing our adult members for real-world confrontations by combining practical self defence techniques, in-depth legal knowledge, conflict resolution strategies, robust physical conditioning, and comprehensive personal empowerment. 


  • Self Defence: The core of our training integrates Modern Krav Maga with Mixed Martial Arts, specifically adapted for adults. It includes our Assess, Plan, Act Safety Model, focusing on self defence techniques against social, predatory, and group violence. In the Assess phase, we educate members to accurately evaluate their environment and potential threats, thus enhancing their situational awareness. The Plan phase involves crafting effective defensive tactics and deciding on the necessary force. The Act phase emphasizes the precise and controlled execution of these strategies. This comprehensive training endows our members with essential protective skills, fostering confidence and security. By engaging with diverse Krav Maga and Mixed Martial Arts techniques, they enhance their ability to handle complex situations with clarity, confidence, and efficiency. 

  • Awareness: We place a strong emphasis on educating our members about the legal aspects of self defence, ensuring they understand the ethical and legal implications of using physical force in various scenarios. Our training delves into the dynamics of violence, covering social disputes to predatory threats, and providing insights for effective management or avoidance. Our conflict resolution focus, centred on communication and non-violent de-escalation, is critical. Recognising early signs of aggression allows adults to take preemptive or defensive action. This extensive awareness training empowers members with a broad understanding of scenarios, enhancing safety and decision-making. 

  • Fitness: Fitness is a critical element of our regimen, drawing influences from Krav Maga and Mixed Martial Arts. We aim to improve strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination, which directly supports effective self defence. This fitness training also aids in stress management and helps maintain composure under pressure, promoting a healthy, active lifestyle essential for adult development and mental resilience. 

  • Empowerment: Empowerment at our academy extends beyond physical training. It involves building adults’ confidence to face a variety of life’s challenges and fostering resilience across physical, mental, and emotional aspects. Engagement with Modern Krav Maga and Mixed Martial Arts propels personal growth, helping adults overcome obstacles, set achievable goals, and reach significant milestones. This empowerment process fosters assertiveness and a solid sense of self, preparing them for diverse life situations. 


At Champions Krav Maga Academy, our SAFE training methodology is a testament to our commitment to comprehensive training. Blending the practicality of Modern Krav Maga with the diversity of Mixed Martial Arts, we ensure every adult member benefits from a well-rounded martial arts education. Focusing on Self Defence, Awareness, Fitness, and Empowerment, we guide our adult members to defend themselves effectively and grow stronger, more confident, and resilient in all aspects of life. Experience the transformative power of our SAFE training approach, tailored for adults. Train SAFE Now. 


Why Choose Champions Krav Maga Academy: Brisbane’s Premier Krav Maga Academy 


At Champions Krav Maga Academy, we pride ourselves on being Brisbane’s go-to destination for quality Krav Maga training. Our approach is anchored in a community-based ethos that prioritises not just technique, but also the cultivation of values such as discipline, respect, and self-awareness. This makes us stand out as a pillar in Martial Arts Brisbane, providing holistic training to our adult members. 

Elevating your skills and overall well-being is the core of what we do at Champions Krav Maga Academy. Our results-oriented training, guided by highly qualified instructors, ensures that every member attains practical self defence capabilities that translate into real-world confidence and readiness. 

Ready to experience the Champions difference? Sign Up for Classes Now and become a part of Brisbane's premier Krav Maga community. 

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