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Unlock Your Potential with Veteran-Focused Krav Maga Training in Brisbane 

Welcome to the Champions Krav Maga Academy Community 


At CKMA, we're more than just a training academy; we're a family of like-minded individuals united by common goals. Here, we prioritise community, friendship, and inclusion, making it the perfect place for veterans to transition into civilian life. 


Why Choose CKMA for Military Krav Maga Training 


Selecting the right Krav Maga training is a critical decision, especially for veterans. At CKMA, we offer practical self defence techniques that are tailored to the experiences and needs of military personnel, past and present. 


A Training Regimen Tailored for Veterans 


Our Krav Maga classes offer a tactical edge, focusing on self defence scenarios relevant to military service. Skills such as situational awareness and hand-to-hand combat are honed to perfection, giving you an invaluable toolkit for real-world applications. 


Our Founder's Commitment to Veterans, Law Enforcement, and First Responders 


Max McGregor, a former member of the Australian Defence Force and the founder of CKMA, is deeply committed to supporting those who have served our country. As a token of gratitude for your sacrifices, we offer all veterans, law enforcement, and first responders a special discounted membership. 


The Unique Benefits of Krav Maga for Ex-Military  


Our Krav Maga curriculum is meticulously designed to be relevant and useful for veterans. We combine tactical skills with a deep understanding of self-defence methodology and the rules of force, providing a complete, integrated training regimen. 


Building a Community of Warriors: At CKMA, you’re not just another member; you’re part of a community that values respect, loyalty, and camaraderie. Veterans find our environment supportive and empowering, which can be instrumental during the transition to civilian life. 


Transitioning Military Krav Maga: We understand that the shift from military to civilian life can be challenging. Krav Maga serves as an excellent medium to navigate this transition, offering both physical fitness and a supportive community. 


Secure Your Spot at Brisbane's Premier Veteran-Friendly Krav Maga Academy 

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to enhance your physical and mental well-being, while joining a community that understands and respects your journey. Enrolling at CKMA is simple. Complete the Expression of Interest Form to get started, and we'll guide you every step of the way. Join us now and become a part of Brisbane's leading veteran-friendly Krav Maga community. 

Register Now for Your Veteran-Focused Krav Maga Training 

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