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CKMA Code of Conduct

Violation of this Code may result in suspension or termination of membership. 

1. Personal Conduct and Responsibility 

  • Enter at your own risk; vulnerable individuals should consult a doctor prior to training. Notify CKMA staff immediately of any physical or health limitations due to medical conditions, personal injuries, fatigue, or other concerns. 

  • Show respect to all: instructors, members, equipment, and Academy. 

  • Discrimination and harassment are strictly prohibited. 

  • Respect the personal boundaries of fellow members; seek consent for close-contact drills and exercises. 

  • Abide by the Academy's values while maintaining humility; irresponsible, reckless, and arrogant behavior are unwelcome. 

  • Use appropriate language and be courteous to neighbors. 

  • Greet instructors and students upon Academy entry. 

  • Bow when entering and exiting the mat. 

  • Bring your own water bottle; CKMA is not responsible for lost or unclaimed items. 

  • Use designated facilities for changing and personal items. 

  • Prioritize safe and controlled techniques. 

  • Sparring is for skill development, not for establishing dominance. 

  • Report any concerns or incidents to an instructor or staff member. 

  • Open-door policy for constructive feedback. 

  • Continuous effort and attendance are expected for progression. 

  • Follow staff directions at all times. 

2. Class Conduct and Etiquette 

  • Please wear your grade belt and wear appropriate training attire. No singlets.  

  • Bow to initiate and conclude classes. 

  • Follow instructor guidance; stick to the drills and refrain from unsolicited coaching. This is a safety issue.  

  • Arrive on time; late entry requires instructor consent. 

  • If you must leave early, notify the instructor at the beginning of class. 

  • Ensure equipment is handled safely; restore items to designated locations. 

  • Inform instructor of injuries; stop unsafe practices immediately. 

  • Protective gear is mandatory for sparring and drills (mouth guard, groin guard, shin guards, mma gloves, 12oz boxing gloves). 

  • You are not obligated to train with people that put your safety at risk. 

3. Hygiene, Cleanliness, and Equipment 

  • Do not train when sick, especially with contagious illnesses such as the flu or a cold, to prevent spreading germs and compromising the health of others. 

  • Wearing deodorant is expected to maintain a comfortable training environment. 

  • Avoid wearing strong perfumes or colognes as they may distract or cause allergic reactions. 

  • Maintain hygiene: short nails, clean uniforms, and no jewelry. 

  • Remove all metal objects, jewelry, piercings, and necklaces prior to training to ensure safety and prevent injuries. 

  • Practice regular hand sanitation. 

  • Keep sparring gear clean. 

  • Notify the instructor and properly dress any bleeding wounds before continuing with training. 

  • Wear footwear upon entering the Academy to ensure cleanliness, uphold hygiene standards, and prevent contamination within the training environment. 

  • Wear footwear when using the bathroom to maintain hygiene and prevent contamination. 

  • Avoid training if you have a bacterial skin infection to prevent spreading; wait until fully healed before returning. 

  • No shoes or food on the mat. 

4. Prohibited Sparring Techniques 

These techniques are prohibited to minimise the risk of severe injury and to promote a safe and respectful training environment:

  • Knee strikes to the head 

  • Elbow strikes to the head 

  • Eye gouging 

  • Spinal locks 

  • Fish hooking 

  • Groin strikes 

  • Small joint manipulation (fingers, toes) 

  • Heel hooks 

  • Slamming from guard position 

  • Striking to the back of the head 

  • Striking the joints (Knees, elbows etc.)  

  • Any techniques not specifically listed, but deemed dangerous or inappropriate by the instructor, are also prohibited. 

CKMA reserves the right to exercise discretion in situations not explicitly covered by this Code, making decisions that align with our core values and safety standards 

Violations will result in disciplinary actions and may involve legal authorities. 

CKMA reserves the right to update this Code of Conduct without prior notice. 

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