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Empower Your Journey: Women's Krav Maga Classes for Teens and Adults at Champions Krav Maga Academy Brisbane

Explore the transformative power of Women's Krav Maga in a setting exclusively focused on women's self defence and martial arts in Brisbane. Our classes are expertly designed to empower women through specialised self defence training, enhancing confidence, physical strength, and personal safety in a nurturing environment. Tailored for individuals aged 12 and above, our offerings are perfect for mothers and daughters seeking to strengthen their bond through shared learning experiences, as well as for those venturing into martial arts on their own. Discover a community where every woman, regardless of her background, can find support, empowerment, and inclusivity.

Why Choose Women’s Krav Maga in Brisbane?

  • Tailored Self Defence Techniques: Learn practical and effective self defence strategies, specifically tailored for women.

  • Strength and Fitness: Enhance your physical strength and fitness through martial arts training designed for female bodies.

  • Confidence and Empowerment: Boost your confidence and empowerment, knowing you can protect yourself in any situation.

  • Supportive Female Environment: Thrive in a supportive, women-only environment that fosters growth and camaraderie.


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Benefits of Self-Defence Classes for Teens and Adults

  • Personal Safety Skills: Learn self defence techniques to ensure your personal safety in various scenarios.

  • Mental and Physical Wellbeing: Improve both mental resilience and physical health through structured martial arts training.

  • Community and Support: Join a community of women committed to empowerment and mutual support in learning self defence and martial arts.


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Our Women’s Krav Maga Curriculum

  • Comprehensive Self Defence: From basic techniques to advanced tactics for personal protection.

  • Empowerment Through Martial Arts: Gain strength, confidence, and empowerment through our martial arts philosophy.

  • Adaptable Skills for Everyday Life: Learn skills that go beyond the training mat, enhancing your daily life and preparing you for various challenges.


Discover Our Unique Women's Self Defence and Martial Arts Curriculum – Sign Up Now

Why Choose Our Women-Only Krav Maga Classes?

  • Focused Training Environment: Benefit from a focused and distraction-free setting, tailored to the unique needs and challenges faced by women.

  • Empathy and Understanding: Learn from instructors who specialise in women’s self defence, offering empathy, understanding, and tailored guidance.

  • Safe Space for Confidence Building: Develop your confidence in a secure and nurturing environment, ideal for learning and empowerment.


Find Your Strength – Enroll in our Women’s Krav Maga Classes Brisbane!

Empowering Voices—Women Share Their Journey at Champions Krav Maga Academy

Dive into a space where empowerment takes center stage, and every class is a step toward personal growth. Listen to the inspiring stories of our women members who have not only honed their self defence skills but have also embarked on transformative journeys. Witness how they've cultivated unmatched confidence, embraced resilience, and joined a supportive sisterhood committed to empowerment and mutual growth.

Member Testimonials:

  • "Max is a great trainer who strives to provide students with real world self defence techniques in an easy to learn manner. The CKMA family are welcoming of all and I highly recommend training here." - Thu

  • "If you’re curious, it’s worth everything to just have a go and try it out. You’d be surprised at just how much you’ll achieve and fall in love with the little things this incredible group has to offer. It’s more than just fitness, more than just self-defence. For anyone looking for something new, something challenging, a whole new adventure full of fun, learning, growth, development, challenges and succession, I couldn’t recommend Champions Krav Maga Academy enough. No matter your ability, age, experience, etc., everyone is more than welcoming, encouraging and supportive. Couldn’t be more proud and stoked to be apart of the Champions Krav Maga Academy family, and to join this community. Biggest thank you to the instructor, Max for making my transition into Krav Maga so enjoyable, easy, and effortless. His knowledge, capabilities and personable nature is outstanding! Come and have a go and can’t wait to see some more new faces soon!" - Kaitlan

  • "I am very happy with the training. I have zero experience in martial arts and the trainer is very patient with me and always helps and explains the techniques. Everyone is very friendly and tries to help as much as they can." - Larysa 

  • "If you're curious about self-defence or Krav Maga, I cannot recommend Champions enough. The classes are more than just about 'fighting'- you learn to build fitness, confidence, self-awareness and mental resilience in all kinds of situations. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or have decades of experience either- Max's has an amazing wealth of knowledge and his classes have something for everyone." - Sarah

  • "Amazing sessions! Great class environment! Fantastic instructor! Krav is a fantastic way of boosting your self awareness in situations that could be potentially life changing. Champions gives you the best instruction possible for real world scenarios and also builds up your fitness. Highly recommend." - Laura

  • "If you're interested in starting (or re-starting!) krav, CKMA gets my highest recommendation. Max and the other trainers are not only highly skilled, but they're also really solid teachers: they're able to explain and demonstrate techniques in ways that make sense even to my neurodivergent brain, and are more than happy to answer the (many) questions I tend to have. The community is also really friendly, supportive, and helpful. I also just wanna mention how impressed I am with the theory that (1) gets integrated into classes, and (2) is available on the online study portal that comes with the membership. The information is well-researched and well-presented. If you're looking for a place that blends practice with theory, I'd recommend giving CKMA a try!" - Erika

  • "I’ve only just started training here about 2 weeks ago. But even in the short time I have had the best experience! Max and all the other students are so friendly and helpful with guiding me through learning the different techniques." - Lena

  • "The instructors are very professional and experienced. Very positive environment to learn self defense. Highly recommended." - Jessie

Begin Your Empowerment Journey

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Embrace the journey to becoming your strongest self with Champions Krav Maga Academy.

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