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Empower Your Teen (Ages 12-17) with Confidence, Discipline, and Fitness Through Self-Defence and Martial Arts!

Is your teenager ready to grow in confidence, discipline, and physical fitness? Give them the edge with our Teen Self Defence & Martial Arts Starter Special, blending crucial life skills with physical training, uniquely available through the dynamic discipline of our Modern Krav Maga approach.


🔥 Teen Self Defence & Martial Arts Starter Special: 4 Weeks of Training For Only $29.95 (Total Value $72, Save $42)

For just $29.95, Champions Krav Maga Academy offers your teen a month of transformative training. Our Teen Krav Maga classes are specifically designed for the unique needs and challenges faced by 12-17 year-olds, ensures your teen emerges prepared, resilient, and self-assured, setting them apart from their peers.

Our Starter Special enhances your teen’s life with:


Realistic Self-Defence: Equip your teen with practical techniques for real-world safety, focusing on effective self-protection.

Martial Arts Integration: Our teen program integrates a broad spectrum of martial arts such as Boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, and Judo, developing discipline, respect, and versatile self defence skills.

Confidence Building: Learning self defence and martial arts builds the confidence to tackle life’s hurdles.
Physical Fitness: Martial arts disciplines foster strength, agility, and endurance.
Mental Resilience: Training promotes focus, determination, and a positive mindset, crucial for both personal and academic achievement.
Bully Prevention: Equip your teen with effective strategies against bullying.
Social Integration: Our welcoming, community-driven setting fosters teamwork, friendships, and mutual respect.

Stress Management: We offer life skills that promote mental well-being and emotional stability, teaching teens to find their calm amidst the chaos.

Qualified Instructors: Our academy is led by Chief Instructor Max McGregor, certified at Level 3 Martial Arts Instructor by the Australian Martial Arts Coaching System and a Kids Safe Martial Arts Instructor with the Martial Arts Industry Association. He holds a Blue Card, ensuring a safe and professional learning environment.

🌟 LIMITED SPACES: To ensure personalised attention, we limit spots to 10 new teens each month. Don’t miss this chance for just $29.95 to see your teen thrive.


💡 Act Now for a Transformative Experience: Sign up below to secure your teen’s spot in our empowering teen program. Witness their remarkable transformation in confidence, fitness, and self defence skills with our top-rated Krav Maga training. Classes are scheduled every Monday from 5 PM to 6 PM, allowing for consistent weekly training without disrupting academic commitments.


🏆 Top-Rated Krav Maga School: Our dedication to excellence in self defence training has made us one of the highest-reviewed Krav Maga schools on Google in Brisbane. Discover the Champions Krav Maga difference that everyone is talking about!


100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Start risk-free with no commitment beyond the 4-week training period. For just $29.95, your teen can embark on a journey towards personal growth and empowerment at Champions Krav Maga Academy, acquiring new skills with absolutely no obligation to continue. Plus if you’re not 100% satisfied after your trial, we’ll give you your money back GUARANTEED.​​

👉 Don’t Hesitate! Spaces fill up quickly. Exclusive Limited Time Offer

We're offering just 10 spots for our Teen Self-Defence & Martial Arts Starter Special: 4 Weeks of Training For Only $29.95 (Total Value $72, Save $42) Don’t miss this chance to positively transform your teen’s life. Click Here to Sign Up Now and secure your spot before it’s too late!

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