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Start Your Journey with Krav Maga Training in Brisbane at Champions Krav Maga Academy

At Champions Krav Maga Academy, our adult and teenager introductory specials offer a transformative experience, setting us apart from other Krav Maga schools. These specials are infused with our unique Modern Krav Maga Approach and the SAFE (Self Defence, Awareness, Fitness, Empowerment) training methodology. This combination is grounded in practical, real-world self defence techniques, providing a structured pathway for learners of all skill levels.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced martial artist, our introductory specials are tailored to ensure a smooth transition into effective self defence training. They encompass the SAFE principles, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience covering not just physical techniques, but also situational awareness, physical fitness, and personal empowerment.

This holistic approach extends to our community-centric environment, which nurtures a sense of belonging and encourages individualised growth, fostering camaraderie among all members. Our curriculum is designed not only to prepare you for physical challenges but also to enrich your life with confidence and values that resonate both on and off the mat.

Choose Champions Krav Maga Academy for an all-encompassing Krav Maga experience that combines the best of Modern Krav Maga techniques with the empowering framework of the SAFE methodology, suited for both adults and teenagers.

Our Adult Krav Maga Specials

🌟 Unleash Your Potential: First Month Half Price Adult Krav Maga Introductory Experience (Most Popular Offer)

Begin your Krav Maga journey with an incredible value offer from Champions Krav Maga Academy. For the first month, pay just half the price on any of our month-to-month memberships. Ideal for anyone in Brisbane ready to dive into self-defence, fitness, and personal empowerment, our "First Month Half Price" offer is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the Krav Maga experience. Benefit from our comprehensive curriculum, vibrant community spirit, and expert coaching, all at an unbeatable introductory price. Seize this chance to explore the transformative power of Krav Maga at half the cost.

3-Class Discovery Pass: Unveil Your Krav Maga Potential

Still weighing your options? Our "3-Class Discovery Pass" for just $20 is the perfect way to test the waters. This special offer lets you step into the world of Krav Maga without a full commitment. Select from our Beginner classes at your convenience, immerse yourself in practical self-defence techniques, and connect with our expert instructors and welcoming community. This limited-time pass offers you a glimpse into the empowering journey that awaits at Champions Krav Maga Academy. Ready to explore Krav Maga? Grab your 3-Class Discovery Pass Today!

Our Teen Krav Maga Specials​ (Coming Soon - 2024)

Empower Your Teen: Our First Month Half Price Teen Krav Maga Introductory Experience

Introduce your teen to the world of Krav Maga with our First Month Half Price Teen Krav Maga Introductory Experience, our academy's most popular and comprehensive offering. This unique three-week program is perfectly designed for teenagers aged 13-17 in Brisbane, ready to embark on a journey of self defence, awareness, fitness, and empowerment. Our SAFE methodology ensures that your teen gains not just martial arts skills, but also life-enhancing benefits such as increased confidence, discipline, and resilience. Don't miss this opportunity to provide your teen with an all-rounded development experience, integrating practical self defence techniques with a supportive community and expert guidance.

Free Teen Krav Maga Class Pass: Experience Self Defence Training Firsthand

Not ready for a full commitment? Our Free Class Pass Offer for Teen Krav Maga is the perfect solution for parents and teens. This no-obligation opportunity lets your teenager experience a Krav Maga class at Champions Krav Maga Academy. They can join a session that suits their schedule, learn valuable self defence techniques, and meet our supportive instructors and community. This is an excellent way for them (and you) to see if Krav Maga is the right fit, with absolutely no strings attached. Take this chance to empower your teen – Book Their Free Class Now and start their journey in martial arts and personal growth.

Sign Up for Your Free Class Now (Coming Soon - 2024)

Hear from Our Members - Testimonials

Real Coaches | Real Results - RESULTS GUARANTEED

The success stories of our long-term members underscore the transformative experience at Champions Krav Maga Academy. From increased confidence to mastering self defence skills, our members attest to the life-altering impact of our programs.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It. See What Our Members Say...

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