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Teenager Self Defence: Champions Krav Maga Academy's SAFE Training Methodology


At Champions Krav Maga Academy in Brisbane, the SAFE methodology integrates seamlessly with the Assess, Plan, Act Safety Model, creating a comprehensive approach to self-defence and personal development for teenagers. SAFE, an acronym for Self Defence, Awareness, Fitness, and Empowerment, complements the strategic steps of Assess, Plan, and Act. This combination ensures a dynamic and effective training environment where teenagers not only learn practical self-defence techniques but also develop situational awareness, physical fitness, and personal empowerment. These elements, together with the ability to assess risks, plan responses, and take appropriate action, equip our young members with essential skills. They gain confidence and resilience needed to navigate various life scenarios safely and responsibly, fostering their overall personal development.

  • Self-defence: At Champions Krav Maga Academy, our self-defence training, emphasising the Assess, Plan, Act Safety Model, is specifically designed for dealing with bullying, self-defence, and predator scenarios. This method goes beyond teaching physical techniques; it involves strategic thinking and anticipatory actions. Our training equips teenagers with the skills to anticipate and respond to threats effectively. By understanding when and how to apply self-defence, teens are less likely to be targeted by bullies or predators. This empowerment stems not only from physical ability but also from heightened confidence and situational awareness gained through our focused training approach.

  • Awareness: Awareness training at Champions Krav Maga Academy, focusing on the legal aspects of self-defence, understanding violence, and non-violent conflict resolution, is crucial for bullying, self-defence, and predator awareness. This training teaches teens about the legal boundaries of self-defence, helping them to make informed decisions in various scenarios. Understanding violence and its dynamics is key in recognising potential threats from bullies or predators. Non-violent conflict resolution skills equip teens to de-escalate situations effectively, reducing the likelihood of escalation into physical confrontations or dangerous encounters. This comprehensive approach prepares teens to confidently navigate challenging situations with a clear understanding of their legal rights and non-violent alternatives.

  • Fitness: Fitness in self-defence, as taught at Champions Krav Maga Academy, goes beyond just physical strength. It includes developing agility, endurance, and the ability to respond swiftly and effectively in various scenarios. An important aspect of fitness is its contribution to deterrence and prevention of bullying or predatory behaviours. Physically fit individuals often project a sense of confidence and alertness, making them less appealing targets for bullies or predators. Additionally, fitness significantly boosts mental well-being and self-esteem, which is crucial for teenagers. This heightened self-esteem, coupled with physical prowess, plays a pivotal role in lowering the likelihood of being targeted.

  • Empowerment: Empowerment is a cornerstone of the training at Champions Krav Maga Academy. The ultimate goal is to instill confidence in teenagers, enabling them to effectively navigate and manage challenging situations. This sense of empowerment is cultivated through a combination of learning self-defence techniques, developing situational awareness, and maintaining physical fitness. Such comprehensive training contributes significantly to a teenager's overall confidence and presence. This newfound confidence not only equips them to handle situations involving bullies or predators but also serves as a natural deterrent. Empowerment in this context goes beyond physical capabilities; it fosters mental strength, resilience, and a positive self-image, all of which are essential in building a teenager's character and approach to life's challenges.

By integrating the SAFE methodology, Champions Krav Maga Academy ensures that teens are not just trained in physical defence but are also mentally and emotionally prepared to face and deter bullying and other threats.

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